Refund Policy

To secure a date for a Client, we require a signed contract and a 30% retainer. “Retainer” refers to the non-refundable portion of the fees paid upon signing the agreement that retains the services of Mabrook Studios & Entertainment Inc. for a particular date or period. In exchange for the retainer, Mabrook Studios & Entertainment Inc. agrees to reserve the specified period exclusively for the Client at hand, regardless if a higher paying opportunity arises. In the case of a Force Majeure Event that prevents the Client from carrying out the event on the date and time specified, Mabrook Studios & Entertainment Inc. shall offer to reschedule and carry forward the retainer fee for one year from the date of the original event, provided the rescheduled date is available. If the date is unavailable, Mabrook Studios & Entertainment Inc. will issue a full refund to the Client. In the case of a Force Majeure Event that impacts the provider, but does not otherwise impact the event, including, but not limited to, illness or injury, Mabrook Studios & Entertainment Inc. will refund the retainer fee and shall have no further obligation to perform under the Agreement.

Contact Details

If you have any questions concerning our refund policy, please contact us at: