A la Carte

LED/Gold Drum
Special Instrument
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Dhol Drum
House (Zaffe) Show
Lively Dance Floor
Jazz/Pop Trio


Our value-added packages are priced at a special rate compared to buying our services a la carte. The packages also include the following benefits:
Custom Music Mix
Flexible Date
Show Highlight Video

The Grand Entrance

Get everyone on their feet and set the tone for the entire night, Our Grand Entrance starts with a 3-5 minute choreographed show, followed by up to 40 minutes of drumming and dancing with the guests
X 4
Special Price

The Fusion Entrance

Take your event to the next level by adding a saxophone, bouzouki, or another instrument of your choise.

This is especially fun for weddings with mixed cultural backgrounds as it creates a unique fusion that satisfied all tastes.
X 4
Special Price

The Full Zaffe Experience

Our house (Zaffe) show is a fun way to begin the festivities. Start the day off in style with a high-energy performance that will turn your street into a literal street parade.
X 4
X 2
Special Price

The Desi Fusion

We combine our clear LED drums with the dhols fr a fun Bollywood flavour. Guaranteed to get your guests up and dancing , our shows are a perfect addition to your Baraat, couple´s entrance , or after-dinner to get the party started.
X 4


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Add a Drum
House Show
Special Instrument
Lively DanceFloor


How many drummers do you recommend?

That depends on your wedding size and how grand you want the show to be. For 150-200 guests, we recommend 3-5 musicians to fill the room and keep things as exciting as possible. Get in touch and we’ll give you a recommendation that will best suit your vision for the day.

I'm having a fusion wedding, what would you recommend?

Fusion weddings are what we do best! It’s all about the music! We’ll help you set the playlist in a way that gets everyone involved and entertained. We’ve performed at Indian, Afghan, Pakistani, Lebanese, Egyptian, Iraqi, Palestinian, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Persian, Syrian, Assyrian, Polish, Brazilian, Albanian, and Armenian weddings… and we’re only getting started.

I’m nervous about the entrance/not comfortable dancing…

Don’t worry! Everyone is a little stressed with so many eyes watching! Our drummers will take some of the pressure off and you'll feel much better when we get the guests to join the party.

Can you perform alone on the dance floor?

Our shows are designed to be interactive and engaging. We can start with a short solo performance and then invite you and your guests to join the fun. It’s a great way to get people on the dance floor and get the party started before or after dinner.

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